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Ronnie Tsunami

The Plant-Powered Tsunami: How YOU Can Help Accelerate the Plant-Based Movement

The plant-based movement is growing rapidly with the popularity of plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy, as well as the growing recognition of the undeniable health benefits of a plant-based diet by the medical profession and the mainstream public. In this session, Ronnie Tsunami discusses how to not just keep this momentum moving forward, but how we can accelerate the plant-based movement to counter efforts by the meat, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries to slow this wave. Ronnie Tsunami is a learning solution architect, speaker and co-founder of the Plant-Based Society, www.plantbasedsociety.org. As part of the Plant-Based Society, Ronnie launched plantbasedtraining.com and plantbaseddirectory.com to help people transition to and live a plant-based lifestyle. He speaks at events around the world teaching people about the “plant-powered tsunami” and how to accelerate the growth of the plant-based movement. Previously, Ronnie served as the Chief Marketing Officer for PlantPure Nation, and was proud to be part of a dedicated team that worked together to launch the documentary PlantPure Nation on Netflix and a hundred theaters, a global network of 400 local plant-based support groups, the PlantPure Summit featuring 60 experts on the plant-based lifestyle and health care, and a line of whole food plant-based (WFPB) meals on Amazon and 800 grocery stores. Ronnie is also the lead singer of the Tsunami Wave Riders, a multi-award winning all-vegan island party band based in Charlotte, NC, that performs at vegfests and other events promoting the plant-based lifestyle.

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